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Atomic Panchira Cosplay Crisis


A storm has erupted over two girls who filmed themselves in a pantsu exposing dance (below), with Japan’s holy Atomic Dome in Hiroshima, the remnants of a building destroyed in the atomic bombing of the city, as a backdrop.

The controversy began when the girls upped the video, which we see below, featuring themselves dancing to the tune of an eroge (“Timeleap”), whilst cosplaying as schoolgirls and at times exposing their underwear (briefly), to their blog and to NicoNico Douga.

A deluge of comments soon followed, outraged over this desecration of the holy site of the demise of so many whose only fault was supporting the war-bloated empire of the Rising Sun as it rampaged across Asia and beyond. “You’re the shame of Japan!”, “How would you like it if someone danced to such a tune in front of your ancestral tombs?”

The parties involved in the video soon cravenly admitted their blasphemy, and deleted the offending video and article (though things are not so easily expunged from the Internet, as you can see above to their cost), expressing remorse at their insensitive disregard for the site and victims.

It emerged that the girls were in fact students at a Nagasaki university, raising more questions. So far the university has not been dragged into this, although this did happen in a rather similar case. We will have to wait and see if they are made into peace ambassadors

Interestingly, we get a much different reaction on 2ch, with the sentiments displayed being more along the lines of “Who cares?”, “Why’d they pick the dome anyway?” and “What’s all the fuss about?”, although there are some upset commenters. Also, if it were not for the controversy, the would be doing rather well, as the video has nearly 300,000 views on YouTube alone.

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  • “How would you like it if someone danced to such a tune in front of your ancestral tombs?”

    I would like it just fine, thank you, and I’m sure my ancestors (the male ones, at least) would be rather grateful for the show 😛

  • Come on, nothing vulgar here, it’s great to be able to see happy things like this on such a place. Yes, if it becomes often it would be a little problematic but right now they’re just having fun where others in the past would liked to do the same…

  • I guess I can’t see the big deal. I don’t believe in a whole lot so I don’t get offended too easily.

    Maybe the people that were pissed equated them dancing in front of the memorial to dancing on people’s graves or something.

  • They weren’t swearing, being violent, having sex, using drugs or anything depraved. They were dancing, was it really hurting anyone?

    I would welcome cute random schoolgirls to dance in front of anything related to me.

  • This is kinda like the Opie & Anthony radio show incident a few years back where the radio show hosts held a contest where contestants had to make out in public places while keeping in contact with the studio by cell phone. The couple that went to a Catholic church got caught and the incident got the show hosts banned from public radio for little while. People often don’t like it when places that are meant to be for serious, thoughtful reflection & consideration are get used for silly stuff. They feel it impugnes the dignity & purpose of the place in question.

  • Okay … two very talented girls dancing. the two guys that went by didn’t seem pushed out of shape or didn’t try to stop them either. maybe a little peppy music and a trip to the gift shop could cheer things up. like ‘911’ here. too much history and not enough future. learn from the past so it doesn’t happen again. that’s the real lesson.

  • I don’t think they mean any harm or dis-respect, I find it to be cute, in a way it shows that the new generation can actually sing and dance peacefully, move on to the future from the past war memories.