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Slave Wife of 15 Years Finally Freed


We heard not too long ago of the case of a farmer who bought a 20-year-old woman from a slave dealer some 15 years ago, confining her naked in all seasons with his animals, tied to a rock. Authorities finally took action, rescuing the unfortunate lady from her abominable plight.

The police may have acted after a journalist finally exposed the crime, but they were too late to catch the farmer himself, who was found to have fled. The 14-year-old boy ensuing from the “marriage”, about whom it is easy to wonder given the treatment his mother received, has been taken up by extended family.


The lady herself has been taken into care and is receiving treatment; it might be that she will be some time in recovering after her lengthy trauma, given what we heard of her degenerated mental state in the original report. A search is for her relatives is ongoing, though so far meeting with little success (someone must after all pay for her treatment?).

Chinese source, via Heaven.


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