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Serious Under Boob Action: Oppai Tousen


Breast battle anime Ikki Tousen for a while seemed to have succumbed to the censors, but it seems with episode 11 it is firmly back in the running, though exactly for what is perhaps not entirely clear.

Much as in a recent off kilter episode of Pantsu Witches, this anime attempts to reconcile its primary purpose of breast and nipple exposure with a serious turn of story; as a result there are some at time incongruous scenes, though stimulating enough.


The previous highpoint was with the above, now we have what you see below.



What happened to her pantsu?

The good source.

The factors governing these ever changing levels of exposure remain unclear; is it inconsistent directorship or actual censorship? It seems hard to tell, though we can hardly attribute sudden beams of light and persistently crotch and cleavage shadowing steam to the director’s hand. At any rate, Ikki Tousen returns to contention with this episode.

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