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Kyonko-sai: Kyonko Only Event Set


You may have already heard of the Nagato-centric doujinshi event “Nagato-sai Daisuki”, now being held for the third time and boasting some 130 circles participating; this time, in concert with their usual Nagato showing, there will also be an event dedicated to that gender swapped toy of Haruhi, Kyonko.

With the 50 spaces having been offered now apparently all filled, all that remains is to wait for the event itself, due September 14th and being held in Hamamatsu (in between Tokyo and Kansai). For more details, including the participating circles, do check out their website. In addition to the expected plethora of goods, a special event is promised after the main event finishes (special in what way?).

Next up Imouto-sai? Truly, the character mania surrounding Haruhi lends itself to these kind of events, but these still pale in comparison to the likes of Reitaisai.

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