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Sankaku Channel Boost Operation Completed


As we discussed, we now have a Danbooru based site, Sankaku Channel, upon which to collect and share images of all kinds; I would also like to inform you that a migration of just about all the galleries hitherto published on Sankaku Complex to the new site has been completed, totalling several thousand images.

Most of them are loosely tagged according to the theme of their originating gallery, so they are not too disorganised, but if you are inclined to tag the images you view, by all means do so, especially for the “tagme” contingent, which may take some time to digest.

For the time being, I have left out the several thousand more photographic images, but later these images will be added as well, as soon as a more intuitive system for keeping the two separate is devised and implemented (you can easily exclude photos tagged as such now, but it requires a working knowledge of the syntax, which not all users may care to develop).

The original galleries are unaffected by all this, so you can always use those; there is no significant change planned there at the moment. You are also quite welcome to add any images you see around the site to the Channel, as I’m sure some will be overlooked.

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