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Cutter Idol Admits to Mutilation


A gravure idol, 有沢ゆい / Yui Arisawa, is the latest in a string of admissions about show business types engaged in self harming, typically wrist cutting.


“In the past I used to harm myself (with a blade)”; such is the admission proffered, with the excuse that stressful environs got the better of her. The marks are apparently even visible in her recent DVD release.

“That I was able to come this far is thanks your support, especially on my blog here”. Her fans are supportive (or at least the comments are kept tidy), with dozens voicing their devotion: “Nobody cares about a thing like that, Yui-chan”.


A terribly stressful career of posing for the camera for only moderately large amounts of money is more than these ladies can bear, it seems; we hear of a recent spate of admissions of what must be a more common problem than at first might seem to be the case, in spite of the impact on their images.


A variety of celebrities have jumped on the bandwagon, with a famous actress, 奥菜恵 / Megumi Okina (now plagued by her own sex photos it seems, and also author of a famous model phone novel expose of her sordid career), and even a former Morning Musume, 加護亜依 / Ai Kago, owning up to acts of self destruction.


However, lest you think such admissions are part of some move towards openness and confrontation of the issues at hand, even the producers themselves scotch this: “The release is at the end of the month so we’re providing a bit of a talking point, see”.

It is also only possible for these mutilated idols to hide their shameful injuries on screen when heavily made up, or later when given the usual shopping up; a DVD shower scene soon washes that away, and fans at events soon notice such things. So it can at least be turned into a publicity mill (how else would a middling idol the likes of which we see above get this kind of exposure?).

Via J-Cast.

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