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Vesperia: Buy Levels, Gold on Marketplace


It has emerged that Microsoft’s saviour RPG, Tales of Vesperia, incorporates downloadable content in a heretofore unseen manner: in fact you can simply eschew playing the game entirely and shell out points/yen on Marketplace to obtain the money and gold, in a brazen imitation of classic MMORPG gold farming, except without the Chinese or eBay.


Some of those prices:

30,000 Gald: ¥450

Skill set for character: ¥120

+5 Levels: ¥300

+10: ¥450

Cooking recipes: ¥150

Since the usual Tales game can be walked through without serious opposition at around level 70, it looks like you can escape any levelling whatsoever for about $30. No word on whether this will be extended to the upcoming international release.

As the game is strictly single player, voices of criticism have not been too shrill, but the general opinion seems to be one of distaste.

It does seem a pretty tawdry move, little more than selling cheats, but it must be remembered that finding the time to grind through an RPG probably limits the audience (though the Tales series never really suffered from this), especially with obscure unlockable content in play, and the large size of games in certain genres has been seen by publishers as something of a liability, so this may represent an attempt to allow a broader audience to enjoy the interactive story telling aspect of the game, as well as a simple cash grab.


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  • Anonymous says:

    I like it. You know, people with time can spend it grinding. People with money (generally those without time) can buy the levels and zip through the game, enjoying the other aspects. It is very one sided to think everyone wants to spend thier time fighting everything (possibly over and over again) just to progress.

  • Honestly, what the crap… If you don’t have time to kill some monsters for gold and EXP, why are you buying this game? Those tasks are all part of the enjoyment in an RPG, I play Tales of titles,(though only like half are released here in England -.-) cus I like the battles mostly. So anyone using these shortcuts might as well get their money back for the game… I really see no point for them. A salute for the guy who mentioned the word “Challenge” too, that’s exactly what keeps things interesting. Sure it’s annoying when you lose on a game at times, but you want the win to have taken some effort.

  • buy gameshark like software
    you’re all set for all game 🙂


    re: unobtainable:
    i approve of unobtainable
    like clothes or your requested character or even skill 😛 hope someday…

    re: cheating/ buying improve skill
    Is not bad, it is like making game more faster to finish.
    Some people don’t like to last in a game for many sessions (each session is 2 hours so 40 hours games will last a month and worse you will have to play it almost everyday…)
    some people just want to know the features of the game and the story
    i don’t like buying levels or money by means of real money. it reduce the fun of the game and makes me feel cheated. but i like if it is custom made
    but i hate it that one can get a trophy while not finishing the game w/o cheat

  • Anonymous says:

    What’s the point of playing a game if you’re not even going to…play it??

    A game is only fun if it presents a challenge…

    *sigh*…casual gamers really are a plague in the gaming world…they piss me off.

  • 三十万ガルド = 300,000 Gald?…

    Lol that’s really hax. And very cheap too Oo… I mean, if the max level is like 100, you pay $30, your character’s already maxed out in level. Pay an extra $3 and you get 300k of the currency, which I assume is a lot. Buy tonnes of good equip and you are pretty much done the game.