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The Sex Musical of Suzumiya Hahiru


Another in the apparently strong genre of strictly unauthorised cosplay AVs emerges. This production (below, above we see an earlier work) is set to star AV performer 香坂百合 / Yuri Kousaka; she has appeared in a variety of similar efforts to tap the doujinshi ignorant market which seemingly exists – her latest production is said to feature a series of displays of manual dexterity of great interest to fans of the art.

Due in early September, by way of the unfortunately named Soft On Demand, entitled 涼宮ヒハルの超激手コキ / Suzumiya Hiharu no Chou-Gekisou Tekoki.


As you can see, this is not the first of such productions. Nagato is naturally number two on the hitlist.


There is also the case of Luppy Channel. Also Lucky Char.



In case you are wondering, or kind enough to correct me on occasion, they are actually changing the spelling of their titles (Hiharu and Hahiru) around with each new effort; doubtless all part of some underhanded scheme.

Lastly, this is the original source of the Gekisou phrase:


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