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Pantsu Witches Now Nipple Witches


Just as the latest nopan episode seemed to offer depressingly limited possibilities for Strike Witches to up the ante in terms of erotic exposure, it is revealed that the DVD release is after all going to manage a significant ero-up, with no mysterious atmospheric phenomenon to get in the way of appreciating the breasts and even nipples of some unashamedly not-pantsu wearing fourteen-year-old girls.

Revealed quite literally, for we have the actual sketches of the very much underclothed witches themselves, by way of none other than a staff doujinshi released at the latest Comiket.




It is thought all this will have a positive effect on sales of the DVD. Very positive indeed. Could it be that they will surpass the legacy of the loli manga version?

The doujinshi itself is currently rocketing in price; from ¥600 at the event to ¥6,000 on Yahoo… Anyone actually able to predict which of the one percent of doujinshi released there actually experiences any interest is sure to make a tidy sum.

Miscellaneous things picked up:
As for the thread, you can see it preserved in the amber of a little assassin’s big ambition for future generations to appreciate.


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