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New Full Metal Alchemist TV Series Due


The big development hinted at some time ago, and revealed in the leaked Bones documents, has finally had a formal announcement, though details are yet scant – there is to be a new Full Metal Alchemist TV anime.

The announcement comes by way of the obi on volume 20 of the manga, and it looks very much like this will be a return to the canonicity of the manga (the earlier leaked title basically gave this away, but was unconfirmed), after the anime wrapped things up prematurely in a manner which left no room for further expansion of the series into new productions; you will of course be reminded of the Hellsing OVA in this.

If the leaked details were all correct, then it would suggest a start in April or so. Bones may or may not be involved, as their leaked info was about third parties.

It’s not clear if we will be treated to a full restart from the first volume, but we can certainly hope (I should disclaim and say here that I have read the whole thing several times). More comment would be mere speculation at this juncture, so let us await further developments with barely contained anticipation, then speculate more later.


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