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Loli Miku American Delights Nicocon


Two great Japanese obsessions collide in these videos of a 10-year-old American girl, Maxine, convincingly cosplaying Hatsune Miku whilst recreating some of the more famous MADs to grace MikuMiku Douga.

The video (a compilation of three YouTube originals) has attained great popularity on Nico, with nearly 150,000 views in three days, whereas on YouTube those three videos received less than a third of that in more than two weeks.

The video was upped and prepared by Maxine’s mother, who is said even to have acquired an account on NicoNico. Fame and fortune might await them if it were actually possible to make anything off videos on Nico, but as alas it isn’t, they will just have to settle for fame amongst their grateful legion of fans.

See for yourself as Nico resounds to gleeful cries of “Maxine is my daughter!

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