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Schoolgirl Licker Licked


A man (33) who touched and licked the “lower parts” of a schoolgirl (her thighs or knees, perhaps), of but fourteen years of age, has been arrested, we hear. The thigh-lover did at least get a bargain: his licking was preceded by a cash payment of only ¥10,000, perhaps offset by the riskiness of his chosen pastime.

“I saw the schoolgirl, and thought it might be good with her” he admits.

The two met on a mobile phone dating site, or rather she solicited him using it, as she had apparently accumulated at least three patrons in an 18 month career of “enkou”, or compensated dating, apparently enabled by being left alone at home by her working parents.

The man was picked up when the girl was taken into protective custody in accordance with some of the laws against this sort of thing. The girl is said to be regretful, perhaps for undercharging, and seeking to turn over a new leaf. Via Meitai.

This at least makes a change from the usual teacher antics. In fact it is almost normal perversion?

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