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Star Idol Fired Over Underage Sex & Lolicon Outrage


Idol and J-pop entertainer 菊地彩香 / Ayaka Kikuchi (15), of group AKB48, announced on her blog that she has been given the chop after a tryst with her boyfriend came to light, with this news coming on the heels of the earlier  compromising photos of her that were spread on the net.

The first scandal ensued when she committed the gross indiscretion of appearing with her boyfriend in a purikura, “print club”, one of the booth machines in which a gaudily decorated photograph can be had for some coin.

This is the offending item, reading “Always together for 3 months”:


After it became public she took a break from performing, or, in other words, was suspended.

The cause of this leak? Her boyfriend posted the photo on his online profile; the career destroying scamp then later proceeded to brag online about sleeping with her, creating a major scandal, as Japanese 15-year-olds are well known for guarding their chastity and being paragons of virtue in this respect.

Fans raised their voices in indignation at the prospect of some schoolboy laying hands on their pure and virginal idol, citing it as being a deterioration of the group’s public morals, and thus damaging to the image of their precious group of pretty young virgins, although insightful observers might cite a somewhat different reason for their consternation.

To further add to the trouble, someone thought to be a friend of hers started repeatedly trolling the rabid fans, calling them a creepy bunch, and then upping the ante by posting spurious threats of taking a hand grenade to an AKB event.

Then, in response to all this and but a few days ago, she announced her “retirement”: “It’s clear to me that I committed a rash and thoughtless deed, so on the 14th I withdrew.” The announcement from her agency was less indirect: “We cancelled our exclusive use contract with her”.

I leave it to you to decide who the most sordid participants in this sorry tale are.

Regarding these kinds of fans, you may recall that their untoward actions towards the objects of their obsession are legend; only recently we hear of an idol being deliberately ignored into tears at a handshaking event, for the disgusting impropriety of having a boyfriend…

The girl in question, full of charisma:


More conclusive evidence, as if you needed any, of why digital cameras, personal blogs, etc., can be a disastrous combination for idols, undoing the carefully constructed aura of feminine unattainability with a few artless V-signs and a lot of inane grinning, to say nothing of the lack of Photoshop enhancements.

Source, and a 2ch thread is preserved here.


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  • Anonymous says:

    I know this is old old old news, but you guys realize that not all idol fans are like this, right? In fact, most dedicated fans would support their favorite idol even past this. When (then) Morning Musume member Fujimoto Miki was revealed to be dating her now husband, and she confirmed that she was dating him, the fans raged NOT at her, but at the tabloid that revealed it, because they knew it would harm her career.

    The no-boyfriend rule is just so deeply ingrained in the idol system (and in their contracts, mind you) that it’d be really difficult to dispose of now.

  • She has already rejoined the group and was just recently promoted to a full member of one of the three main teams again. Also, a tip for future articles: don’t publish 2ch posts as fact on your blog. It makes you look like some sort of wapanese Fox News.

  • “as Japanese 15-year-olds are well known for guarding their chastity and being paragons of virtue in this respect.”


    Oooohhhhhh my sides hurt! Excuse me, who invented “compensated dating”? That’s right….Japanese “paragons of virtue” did.

  • I guess the fans overreact to this, but you can’t really blame them for it.

    After all, idol groups are usually formed and created with the image of chastity and virginity in mind.

    Most of the fans of such groups were made fans by that. It is their target audience.

    So I guess the dismission is justified.

    What I think is wrong is not this case alone, but the whole culture created around young pop idol groups.

    Also, bomb treats, insults and stuff like that are NOT justifiable by any means.
    She should look for professional counseling and advocates to protect her integrity in such cases.


    • “What I think is wrong is not this case alone, but the whole culture created around young pop idol groups.”

      If you want JAV idols you can go to a soapland, or buy any of the millions of JAV DVDs/BDs out there. There are tons of cute ADULT women who have sex on camera.

      I could only agree about the sexualization of kids in Japan, if that’s what you mean about the culture here. Japanese like to sexualize their youth. It’s not good.

  • That’ll teach that slut. Those fans are the only reason she and many others get to be famous at her age, in most cases without an ounce of talent. If she can’t even play her part in the deal there’s no place for her.

    Now she can go back to school and fuck everyone in her class if she wants to, while smarter girls keep riding the wave.

    • There’s a reason sensible people don’t fuss too much over “pure idols.” It’s an disturbing business propagated by unhealthy ideals.

      Such as the concept that a girl having slept with another person makes her a slut. That’s a pretty unhealthy and unsympathetic attitude, something unfit for civilized, rational, and ultimately good-hearted sentients.

      I feel sorry for her, mostly ’cause her boyfriend’s a douchebag. He deserves a kick in the nuts, honestly.

      But yes, idols really aren’t talented, either. Just eye- and fantasy-candy. Which makes making a fuss about them something of a pointless endeavor. And it’s not my money being poured into that industry, so I’ve no vested interest in seeing these people belittled for their personal flaws.

      • “There’s a reason sensible people don’t fuss too much over “pure idols.” It’s an disturbing business propagated by unhealthy ideals.”

        All showbusiness is a showbusiness. But one could expect a 15 year old who has to study and do this dance and song routine to act maturely and follow the rules of her contract, and maybe — just maybe – not every girl actually sleeps around. Now I know people who sleep with sluts and prossies will deny this but that’s only you. 15 is too young to sleep around.

  • I guess it’s the idea that the idol is somewhat of a public property that is ‘shared’ with the fans, to the point of religious fanaticism. It’s like finding out the wizard was only a guy behind a curtain, and feeling betrayed. Then, proceed to go berserk, probably thinking about the amount of time and money spent over the person.

  • Uh… sensationalist much? There was never any mention of “underage sex” or anything of that nature at all. And fans weren’t outraged, her biggest fans and most vocal fans were at the theatre only two nights ago petitioning to get her back into the group. 2ch is full of bull if it says otherwise, my friends go to the theatre every night, as I did when I was in Japan.