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Mystery Physics Strike Oppai Tousen


Mysterious optical and vapourous phenomenon used to be the preserve of the good Mr Fort, but lately we have been assailed by a veritable barrage of these bizarre occurrences; in a sudden and completely inexplicable turnabout, the healthy near ero-anime Ikkitousen Great Guardians, notable for shamelessness, has been dealt a crushing dose of regional physics, even on the same network that only a week ago was content to have the top-heavy maniacs of the series prance around with nary a stitch about them with which to preserve their modesty…


What’s more, they make absolutely no sense whatsoever… we are treated to an unobstructed view of their ludicrous balloon breasts, nipples and all, only to be spared the terrifying indecency of that most iniquitous region, the navel, by the glare of decency?


The same crazed and ineffective censorship recently afflicted certain broadcasts of Pantsu Witches, so this forms a worrying trend only offset by certain equally strong lurches in the other direction.

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