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Slave Girl “Bride” Bought for $3,000


A man (now 35) who wanted a wife, and so bought a 17-year-old girl for some 20,000 Yuan from a local slave dealer, and then imprisoned her in his home, has been arrested, we hear.

He was apparently working away from home, when he spoke to a co-worker of his desire for a bride. The helpful co-worker replied “If you’re ok with paying, there are ‘brokers’ who’ll bring you a girl”. The man was pleased with this, and prepared $3,000 in cash.

Some days later the slave dealer returned with a girl, whom the man immediately appraised as a belle; he paid up on the spot, and took the girl home, very much against her will. You can probably hazard a guess as to what happened to her, though the report is silent on the details.

However, local residents sensed something was amiss, and tipped off police. The Harbin authorities reacted promptly, conducting a search and arresting the man, as well as rescuing the unfortunate ‘bride’. Her incarceration seems to have lasted some months, though the precise timeframe is unclear; she was bought in April, and arrested in August, so she likely endured confinement for all too long.

Via Searchina.

Need I remind you of how distressingly common this sort of practice is, even in parts of China supposedly more developed; from this case at least, we can infer that keeping slaves in a city is overstepping the mark, either that or he did not pay police enough.

Given that by some estimates China is set to have a gender imbalance of over a hundred million males, this problem may be less readily dealt with than is hoped.


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  • China is so inhumane. From the one-child policy to this, this is just the tip of the iceberg. They treat humans like they are disposable. Men are supposed to work their whole lives without the hope of ever marrying because they don’t allow more than one girl child. Who are the bigger victims, the female fetuses or the men who live their whole lives working for their country without ever getting sex?

    • kidnapped or their family is too poor so sold her off to get money……this sort of thing is common in many parts of Asia, South America and some Euro country (well in euro it’s less common now.)

  • Once the indoctrination/brainwashing females undergo from so many different sources from their earliest years it is surprising how large of a percentage of females actually discover true internal happiness once they live within the precepts of the Females as Property Movement.

    True, a small minority of females will not experience happiness no matter what lifestyle they dwell within.

    However, once relieved of the burden of attempting to dwell in our current general USA society/culture that requires females to behave in a manner inconsistent with their natural proclivities, such as attempting to adhere to the responsibilities of being a full-fledged adult that accompany the rights and privileges involved, females usually discover the happiness that eludes so many modern females.

    I have noticed that most females are so well-indoctrinated that the knee-jerk responses to mention of the Females as Property Movement is indicative of an incapability to apply logical and rational thinking to a new concept, one of the many foibles that females must naturally contend with.

    The topic is too complex to cover at a message board but with time and education assuredly more females will eventually overcome their indoctrination and embrace what for so many females (and males and society in general) is a path to enlightenment and personal satisfaction.

      • The ‘females as property movement’?

        Arghhhh – give a basic explanation of your concepts first, obviously you’re talking about women as slaves.

        That’s 1 paragraph setting up a problem you don’t specify, then you state something completely irrelevant – that some women will never be happy no matter what, then you go on vaguely about a faulty US culture without specifying what’s wrong with it.


        So you’re obviously in some anti-movement. You shouldn’t expect outsiders to know your concepts. durh.

    • Don’t buy the bride. Do it the smart way! Buy yourself a Ferrari or Porsche first, then buy yourself some clothes to go with it, and a big-ass house to match… before you know it, you’ll have any girl you want. Those purchases will keep paying dividends for years to come, versus simply buying the wife. With my plan, your purchases will have new and fresh women trying to marry you for long as you want.

      (Just buy a fantastic divorce lawyer, too, while you’re at it.)

      • from what i know..

        every year the return you get from your wife will dimish rapidly….but the expenses related to her will remain constant or increase even….and if you have a divorce well you pay her money!

        your assets on the other hand can be sold off and and guess what … you actually get money for it 🙂