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Schoolgirl Raep Teacher Arrested – For The Third Time


An elementary school teacher (34) who committed acts of infamy against a schoolgirl, leaving her injured, has been arrested, but it appears this was only a repeat of earlier crimes, and that throughout his career of perverted assault he was able to continue to hold his post as a teacher.

His latest crime was to brutally accost a schoolgirl returning home from school on her bicycle, knocking her off her bicycle with his own, and menacing her into submission with such threats as “If you make a fuss, I’ll kill you!” He had his way with the girl after this, leaving her with injuries to the head and neck lasting a week, although we are spared the precise details of the assault.

In the beginning of the very same month, he was accused of a similar act of outrage against a high schooler, who was also injured. It appears he was left free to carry out his next crime in the intervening period, despite being arrested.

This is not all, however; last November he was also accused of, and arrested for, yet another wanton act of sexual assault, where he again brutalised and left injured a girl of similar age.

Three arrests may make him only a minor offender as far as Japanese teachers are concerned, but it still seems unbelievable that he was able to continue his career working with young girls during this period.

The key to understanding this seems to be that, though arrested, he somehow escaped charges, as well as publication of his name and sacking, an impressive feat considering the famously high ratio of arrests to convictions Japanese police are credited with.

This kind of incident is unfortunately far from uncommon amongst the wretched throng of maniacs attracted to the teaching profession in Japan…

Via the Kyoto Shimbun.

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