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Puchi Haruhi CG Dance 2


More of the computer generated Nendoroid SOS-dan dancing troupe, this time with extra refinements and the addition of the male side characters to the original trio of Nagato, Haruhi and Mikuru. You can compare the two versions below. Watch to the end for a glimpse of puchi Kyonko.

Player 1

And the original for comparison:

Player 2

A modest improvement? Though still fantastic. For fame and fortune he should probably orchestrate a crossover with Lucky Star or some such…


The author’s homepage; he will be at Comiket. This is actually a promotion for his puchi character doujin soft, so you may want to check that out if having puchi Nagato on your desktop appeals; the SOS-dan version is due for release at CK74.

Puchi Miku and the Vocaloids are also worthy of reference.

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