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Nintendo Kills DS Eroge: Half-Elf Tentacle Assault No More


Tentacle molestation doujin title ハーフエルフ触手陵辱DS / Half-Elf Tentacle Assault DS, for the Nintendo DS and due for distribution at the upcoming Comiket, has effectively been cancelled by way of the developers (or rather, developer), Team DSX, having their participation at Comiket rescinded by the organisers, and Nintendo seems directly or indirectly responsible, which, it has to be said, is hardly surprising.

It is likely this is either the Comiket organisers pre-emptively avoiding action by Nintendo, or else responding quietly to some behind the scenes pressure. There are cases where Nintendo-related doujinshi have been subjected to warnings, so it is probable the Comiket organisers will be cautious when dealing with such a litigious company as Nintendo.

On the other hand, Nintendo may themselves be cautious after their assault on “Majikon” had such a positive effect on sales of the devices.


Distribution by Comiket may have been cancelled, but the developers seems strangely reluctant to approach the obvious alternative of simply letting it leak onto the anonymous P2P networks. Perhaps it may yet see the light of day?

Of course, don’t forget there are perfectly legitimate eroge already on the DS. All that is lacking are the tentacles


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