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Pantsu Witches Lead Seiyuu Taken Ill, Drops From Ga-rei


Seiyuu 福圓美里 / Misato Fukuen (Misaton), of Pantsu Witches and To Love-Ru fame, has apparently had to drop her major role as Izumi Mami in upcoming supernatural action anime 喰霊-零- / Ga-rei Zero, over an illness. The September airing of the anime looks to be unaffected, but fans are sure to be concerned over what precipitated this rather drastic and unusual turn of events. No details are forthcoming on the cause.


She is notable for a recent lead as Yoshika (tastefully illustrated above) in Pantsu Witches, as well as Konjiki no Yami in To Love-Ru; her career is rather extensive, much more so than the English wiki currently indicates. With recording in these roles finished, it looks as if Ga-rei is the only title affected.

There is plenty of unkind speculation on 2ch that she is pregnant…

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