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Pantsu Witch Idol Makoto & Other Witchy News


Somebody has animated Makoto of Riding Machine/Idol Master fame as a pantsu witch running around in her not-pantsu; you can see it below. You can also see some more pantsu witch meganekko below as well.

I would leave it at that, but there is more witchy news to share; firstly, we hear that legendary aviator Chuck Yeager (85) is being hassled on his MySpace page by people desperate to inform him that pantsu witch Charlie Yeager is “based” on him. Have they nothing better to do?

Pantsu Wich Makoto, of Idol Master/Strike Wiches, goes for a run...

Based on the ED running animation. Creator’s page. Well done. Now more of those spectacle sporting witches…



Next, we have the latest update on the news that the Strike Witches have been gleefully blowing up scary alien planes (or craft if you prefer) of the antagonist force which bear a striking resemblance to certain decidedly terrestrial aircraft, most notably various secret weapons of the Luftwaffe, but at least one belonging to the USAF.


But also notice the Blackbird, of the USAF. German and Japanese pantsu witches blowing up American planes? Most of the planes are German, so I’m sure there is nothing to this. There’s always Geass for that kind of speculative analysis…


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