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Girl Learner Splatters 3 Passengers in High-Speed Crash


A young lady (19), just learning to drive, drove through Matsue City at breakneck speeds, soon crashing her ride into a streetlight at high speed in truly spectacular fashion, tearing the SUV in half and killing the three back seat passengers who unwisely let her take them for a spin, we hear. She was only lightly injured, as was the fortunate young man sat beside her.


See a video report of the wreckage.

The three passengers killed were acquaintances of the driver, as was the surviving passenger, and the three soon died after being taken to hospital (looking at the state of the rear half it seems they had no chance at all). The car in question was apparently a 2002 Mitsubishi AirTrek, a sturdy enough vehicle, so it is all the more impressive how badly it was totalled by her death defying/inducing driving.


Despite being a learner driver, with only a provisional licence, she was not displaying learner plates, and on top of this driving four other people around at high speed through central Tokyo is also not behaviour generally considered appropriate to learners; police are already looking at charges of involuntary vehicular manslaughter. She will doubtless have many difficult questions to answer when she is released from hospital.

Via Sankei. Let us pray the girl has never so much as laid eyes on a copy of GTA in her life…

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