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Hokkaido Plans Cannabis Plantations


As part of an initiative to reinvigorate the local economy, the Hokkaido government is set to establish special areas where cannabis can be grown freely, so as to put fallow fields to work and reduce the need to import.

According to reports, the government intends special economic zones where the growth of hemp will be endorsed, though fans will be disappointed to know that the growth plans are strictly for industrial use, and will employ low THC (active component) varieties.

Whether these measures will be enough to discourage unintended diversion of the crop is unclear. On the other hand, rope users (of all kinds) will be delighted.

Many of you will doubtless know that Japan has a long history of hemp usage, both in the usual rope manufacture, and also as a spiritual or recreational etheogen… More a revival of a traditional industry than anything new?

At any rate, this may have a positive effect on rope prices.

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