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Breast Physics Simulator IV – Formerly Soul Calibur


With Soul Calibur IV, it seems the best physicists in the land have been summoned to ensure every knock is accompanied by fluid dynamics to make the supercomputers of yesteryear wince; so what better a theme could there be for a topical video gallery, now the game has shifted millions of copies?

The Soul Calibur series has always displayed a tasteful appreciation of the human body, reproducing it faithfully and artistically, though it would not be an exaggeration to say that the better part of these efforts have centred on ensuring even the most flat or strapped down female character displays no lack of enticing jiggle, and not just limited to the ample breasts lately so favoured.

Player 1

Player 2

Player 3

Hadaka/Naked Apron – though she still has her pants on (this may be allowable). There seems to be no limit to the fidelity with which our character cravings can be realised in this game, as we saw in the SCIV cosplay galleries: sensible and chaos.

Your route onto Nico, which positively overflows with these videos now.

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