Tentacle Anime Legends


This digest of tentacle anime came up, and it is amusing enough to share. Quite a comprehensive selection, both of anime and girls, and of styles of tentacle. I see some of the more unusual starfish headed types, as well as the more usual plain shokushu.

There is plenty of ero-anime featured, but rather a lot of mainstream anime also features – 3×3 Eyes I knew about, but Nanoha had those kind of scenes?


Bonus hentai points if you can recognise more than half of the titles featured.

Nico. The comments are rather amusing: β€œEnough! This country is too much!” etc…

In case you were wondering, the title image is by AskRay/Bosshi, shortly to get his first anime, although tentacle aficionados doubtless knew of him already.

If you’re not yet satisfied, please see the Channel for more tentacles

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