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Lolita Organization Ero


One of the many peculiarities exhibited by foremost lolicon ero-manga anthology magazine Comic LO is the publication of disclaimer style images exhorting the readership not to touch, complaining about opprobrium, etc. Frequently they are eccentric, often they are strange, but always they seem to be witty and well designed.

Here are most of them for your inspection, now with almost comprehensive translations:


“Please by no means touch any children”.

“Don’t touch: this our duty”.

“For the sake of your future, let us not touch.  Let us preserve this ideal”.

“I’m a lolicon. I love children. So I won’t lay a hand on them”.


Switches for reason and imagination are on. Action switch is off.


“Don’t lay a finger on the children!”

“We’re serious when we say we want to see an end to all sex crimes against children”.

“Comrades! Don’t lose your way!” On the left are “gomics”, the right is the pen.

“Answer in the box: I want to do children / I won’t do children”.

“If/because you’re a lolicon, you protect children”.

Lolicon Hazard Managemnt Manual: “Don’t get near little girls. It is extremly hazardous”.

The Promised Land: Lolimanga Isle.

“Life is good if there is lolita and music”.

“Do you know? A lolicon tax is due for implementation in…”

“Let us protect the priivacy of adults”.

“We’ll never forgive those who make the world like this”.

(the left looks to be a personal alarm)

The Game of Life.

“I think we should try thinking again about the matter of lolita”.

“Let’s believe”.

“Friendship, not little girls, is what’s required for lolicon”.

“The flowers in bloom fall, children eventually become adults. So what becomes of the lolicon?”

“Damn all you lolicon! Have you no shame?” Aspiring Beako.


“Lolicon can’t do it over”.

“The End for Loli-Manga Draws Nigh”.

“Lolicon are human beings”.

“They (lolicon) stink, they’re gross, nasty”.

“It’s summer, so be sure to masturbate properly!”

Loli counselling room.

Clebrates the 50th issue of glorious cake.

“We can cure you”. (by giving you delicious cake)


The crab one in particular is very puzzling. There doesn’t seem to be any viable explanation for that?
The source.

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  • “It’s summer, so be sure to masturbate properly!”

    Thats right. You do what the lolicon manga tells you! OR ELSE!

    Dun dun dunnnnnnnn..

    This is epic win if I do say so myself, the last pic made me laugh.

    “Nooo! I’m having thoughts about my child, I’m going to go to prison..!”
    *Reads some Lolicon*
    “YAY! I’m cured!” *Jumps around with some children*


    • I think that even if Comic LO’s quality did deteriorate with time, it still features several amazing artists, like Onizuka Naoshi or Higashiyama Shou. Both who rarely – if ever – write any rape stories.

      And it has one important asset for people like me to which big breasts or pubic hair are huge turn-offs; and that is of only exceptionally featuring such material.

  • Possible explanation for the crab illustration: it looks pretty inoffensive, but bites when you touch it…

    …or something like that.

    Really weird indeed. But thanks for the translations, I always wanted to know what these puzzling pages said.

  • nice pics… Imagine the Lolicon De-Motivators that can be made from it. All these pics made me LOL. In b4 “Lolicon Hazard Managemnt Manual: “Don’t get near little girls. It is extremly hazardous”

    • you know most crimes by males in the world don’t even know whats a “loli ero-doujin”, they raep girls, coz they just cant get a girl that’s 18+ (due to many reason i don’t need to explane). now of course lolis(and sometimes JBs) are easier to trick and wont cost alot of cash to get some…depends of course…

      now it’s also sometimes the Females(under 18s) are the ones who are out of the line….tricking the male “offender” into giving up their dignity and becoming the offenders we see today…of course mostly those type of girls grow up to be sluts,whores,slaves,AV girls etc. etc. and it just really brings the world down…

      it can’t be helped that all Males see lolis and shotas as a defenseless object which they can grab and get the deal done over with…well no matter if anyone has any evil intension or not, but yeah they are a rather defenseless little thing…

      • this is true and those reasons are even when they are good to those women provide and care for them yet they still get hated and unrespected for it when they shouldn’t and even don’t get their needs meet by those women,or they can’t get any women becouse of reasons.
        Then they turn around becouse the providing and unrespect goes against all their common sense.
        But these men could be saved if they know how to treat a women really.How to use authorithy to get his needs met,being a functional man who knows how to bring order into a womens life and also get her needs met.It means you need to be strong against your women sometimes when she doesn’t know how to shut up and stop annoying you.Somehow getting your needs met is more attractive to her then just getting her needs met.But not like you should ignore her needs.
        Also lets not forget the paranoia which mostly is based on a lie and how women can lie without people checking for proof to expose the lie and to get divorced so she gets child support money or other evil reasons she wanted to cause with this.