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Teacher Beats 9-Year-Old Girl over Leftover Curry


A teacher (31) who beat a 9 year-old girl after she left some curry uneaten, and then continued screaming at the girl for an hour and a half, has been subjected to a three month disciplinary suspension, we hear. The girl was so traumatised by the ordeal that she was no longer able to attend the school, and had to transfer.

The reason he gave for his harsh chastisement of the little girl was conservation of water.

His “guidance” to her was that she should have saved the leftover curry to preserve water, and cleaned her spoon properly (?); apparently not satisfied with haranguing her over this, he then struck her across the face with both hands repeatedly (apparently, not merely slaps either).

Still not satisfied, the enthusiastic disciplinarian threw her, her randosel and her desk out into the corridor, telling her to “Go find a class where it’s ok to break the rules”.

After this, he berated the weeping girl for some 90 minutes, surely leaving her in no doubt as to the importance of water preservation through proper curry conservation.

Her parents soon realised something was wrong, and complained to the school. On being brought to task, the teacher offered a trite excuse about having let his emotions get the better of him. He will be back to saving the nation’s water supply in a few months, at any rate. Source.

Considering the catalogue of infamy levelled against Japanese teachers, the better half of which appear to be ne’er-do-wells having got their positions through graft in order to take photos of, or outright assail, young girls, it is a wonder the profession is held in such esteem in Japan.

In fact, it should come as no surprise to you to hear that the rate of sex crime amongst Japanese teachers is no less than fifteen times the national average, according to one newspaper. Japanese teachers are a dubious bunch, to say the least.

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