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Guin Saga Anime Confirmed


The colossal and highly successful グイン・サーガ / Guin Saga series of fantasy novels, by 栗本薫 / Kaoru Kurimoto, now standing at over 120 volumes, will be adapted into an anime airing in the spring of 2009. The announcement was made on the cover (obi) of the just released 122nd volume, though that there was activity in adapting it to anime has been discussed for a few years (three years ago, in fact).

This is sure to be an interesting project, and possibly the start of a major mixed media franchise, although as yet further details are lacking. Via Moonphase.

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  • Karasu-kun says:

    Sorry for the double post. Also, I know it was only on the obi, but out of rhetorical speculation I wonder if they’re going to attempt something long-term and take a stab at all 122 (and more) volumes.

  • Karasu-kun says:

    Agreed, I like the cover. I’m in the process of reading the very first volume, so only 121 more to go… for now… and many more to follow I’m sure. That makes me happy and really overwhelmed at the same time. I like the artwork on the Japanese volumes a lot, I’m interested in seeing when Amano-sensei started doing art for it.

  • Opening image makes me lose interest but a novel series that can run for 122+ volumes has to be good, right?

    Though knowing that the author may be one of the reasons for yaoi’s existence today puts me off a bit more.. ^^;

      • That’s cool – Berserk’s one of my favorite manga. I plan on checking it out, I just hope most of the character designs aren’t like the above. Butch females + possible yaoi undertones are the only reason I may not like it as I rather enjoy fantasy novels and the series must have a good/appealing story to last that long.

        What’s up with the gladiator-styled arena and musketeer-looking sword?

        • My fault, I think – there aren’t many decent images of the covers so that was the best I could do.

          Some of the other covers are much worse (see the wiki article), whilst the English editions have quite decent covers (see the Amazon link).

          I haven’t seen any anime style illustrations of the series yet; it will be interesting to see what style they opt for.