The Case of the Two-headed Piglet


After six piglets were born uneventfully, the seventh and final piglet proved a difficult delivery – after much attention, it was finally brought into the world, alive. However, it was no ordinary piglet: two mouthes, three eyes, and but one body it had.


It seemed healthy enough, with both mouths able to suckle, though it is said that the right mouth was the more skilful. All three eyes bore the flicker of life, and perhaps sight. At 1.4kg it was also a normal weight for such a piglet.



However, though perhaps not surprisingly, after two days the polycephalic piglet died. It is thought to have been born due to genetic irregularities in the mother’s womb.

We do not hear if anyone ate the queer creature; perhaps it is too exceptional a cuisine even for the Chinese palate. Via RecordChina.



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