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Soul Calibur Cosplay


Miku Miku Calibur? It appears the recently released Soul Calibur IV has a vastly improved character creation and clothing engine, and not just in terms of the underwear visible when you tear off your opponent’s clothing.

Enthusiastic fans have been quick to seize upon this to thrust their favourite characters into the fray, so here are a few of their more successful efforts. Above is a rather finely executed Kenshin, of Rurouni Kenshin, but the obligatory Hatsune Miku is included below.


Another one to watch out for: Ken, of Street Fighter.




Altair, of Assassin’s Creed.


Ninja Gaiden.


Apologies for not having more pictures of ladies, but the originating site, Cali-chara, has a variety of galleries, both of Calibur cosplay and more general SC antics, so be sure to check it out if you are curious or are looking for ideas for your own creations. Also more ladies.

They even have a character creation simulation tool, so be sure to check that out to see how musclebound you can make your lady fighters (answer: not very).


I know better than to ask for an Etna, but if anyone manages a convincing Gattsu, of Berserk, by all means share. I remember getting a moderately convincing rendition of him going in SC III, but in SC IV surely a decent version is possible?

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