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Space Battleship Yamato Revival


Classic Leiji Matsumoto designed anime 宇宙戦艦ヤマト / Space Battleship Yamato is set to be revived after 25 years of inactivity. Director 西崎義展 / Yoshinobu Nishizaki, under whose impetus the project proceeds, now 73, boldly vows to surpass Ponyo in creating a work of mastery, set to be his last.

The new production will take the form of a theatrical release, following on from the previous works.

He must be keen to put his legacy in order, as a previous attempt to revive the series in 2004 was stymied over copyright wrangles, which he assures have all been resolved.

Also, over the last decade he managed to get himself arrested for a catalogue of drug offences, as well as bringing into Japan a small arsenal of weapons, including grenade launcher equipped M16s and handguns, allegedly as a countermeasure against pirates after his voyage to the Philipines. A colourful history of late.


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