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Netgamer Nurse Busted for Boy Raep


A lady (34), formerly a nurse, who got to know a schoolboy in her netgaming sessions, and then blackmailed him into joining her at a hotel, has been arrested for molestering the poor lad, who was half her age.

She excuses herself with the legend “I did it because he was a cutie”.

She apparently met the boy online, took a liking to him (how she got to know he was a cutie through a virtual relationship is not explained), and then propositioned him. He refused.

Not to be discouraged, she then mailed him naked photos of herself (tragically, we do not have them), and ordered him to meet her: “I’ll expose our connection to your school principal; if you don’t want that then agree to meet me”. He relented, and they met.

After this, the lady kept pursuing him with mails, and he eventually sought assistance from the police…

Another case of life imitating eroge?


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