Nanoha Movie Announced


Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha fans appear to be experiencing veritable paroxysms of ecstasy, with the news that a movie title for theatrical release is in the works.


It will of course feature the usual cast, but will take a Shamballa or SAC style twist, in that the story is said to take place in a parallel universe to that of the main series. With the prominence given to Nanoha and Fate in these illustrations, it is also no leap of faith to think they will be at the head of the cast, as ever.


There is some ambiguous talk from a seiyuu (Kana Ueda) about this being the final launch in the franchise, but this would appear to contradict the announced parallel story (unless she was speaking purely from a commercial perspective), as well as the prominently displayed “The Movie 1st” in the magazine, which might be taken as a none too subtle hint of a movie series… Or perhaps just signifies that it is the first movie? Time will tell.

The scans, of an as yet unreleased issue of Megami magazine, surfaced on 2ch.


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