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An interesting site offering recommendations of mainstream eroge likely to appeal to lady gamers (avoiding titles obsessing over male homosexual antics) comes to my attention; the list makes interesting reading, and is of course of interest to lady erogamers looking to enjoy an engaging story and fine art, as well as many male erogamers too, judging by the list.

The first ten titles (the number in brackets is the number of points in total):

1 (61)『AIR』Key / AIR

2 (54)『Forest -フォレスト-』Liarsoft / Forest

3 (52)『沙耶の唄』Nitro+ / Saya no Uta

4 (48)『赫炎のインガノック -What a beautiful people-』Liarsoft / Sekien no Inganock

5 (41)『アトラク=ナクア』ALICE SOFT / Atlach-Nacha

6 (39)『蒼天のセレナリア -What a beautiful world-』Liarsoft / Souten no Celenaria

7 (36)『”Hello, world.”』Nitro+ / Hello, World.

8 (33)『Phantom -PHANTOM OF INFERNO-』Nitro+ / Phantom of Inferno

9 (32)『腐り姫〜euthanasia〜』Liarsoft / Kusarihime

10 (25)『サフィズムの舷窓』Liarsoft / Saphizm no Gensou (yuri)


A strong showing by Liarsoft, and by Nitroplus. Also some quite obscure titles there.

These are compiled from a fair number of opinions. There are, of course, much more than 10 in total, so you may well be interested to peruse the site in question, as well as this matome.

I have some firsthand familiarity with Inganock, which really is a stylish masterpiece of engaging and original story coupled with great art. Also looking at the elsewhere listed but less well placed titles, such greats as Utawarerumono and even Sex Friend are mentioned, so it seems to be an interesting list.

Don’t hesitate to offer your own suggestions; they can’t all be Liarsoft titles…

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  • Anonymous says:

    I would love to play some of these, but I bet Inganok, Kusarihime and Atlach-Nacha aren’t in english and because they’re probably quite rare, there are probably no english patches for them either…..

    • Anonymous says:

      I have to torrent up for saya no uta on pirate bay. I HIGHLY suggest playing it, one of the most unique stories I have come across. It is not often you find yourself praying for the world to end.

      I saw on a couple of sites people were trying to get together a group for atlach nacha but were having trouble which is a shame.

  • Aren’t there any adult women shouta fans? The same way there’s all these loli loving guys? It’s also really strange that these covers show girls instead of guys, and lolis at that. No wonder lolis are so popular, both genders love them. O_O

    Anyways, #6 looks like it’d be potentially hot. #1 makes me feel like I’m in an airport just from looking at it.

  • I’m a female erogamer, and Kao no Nai Tsuki was the first I ever played, and what got me into the genre. I judge eroge by whether I can feel any attraction to the male protagonist – pretty hard to do when he’s a total cipher, like in a lot of them. But Kao no Nai Tsuki wasn’t like that at all. Oh, Hayama Kouichi. So much love.

  • Uhm there’s a plenty of otome “ero” games that aren’t about buttsecks and gay mans, such as Step and Love Drops that were actually pretty decent.

    Also there’s plenty of non ero games that appealed to me such as Clannad ^^; What a strange list this is.

  • “such greats as Utawarerumono”

    That’s good to hear, seeing as how I just ordered it. ^_^

    Nice to see a list that doesn’t assume that all female erogamers play BL (nothing against it, but not my cup of tea).

    • afanofsankaku says:

      I can say from personal experience that you won’t be disappointed with Utawareumono, just finished playing , and apart from the fact that there are no branching paths, it is quite an epic tale.

      I’m actually quite glad that I did not watch the anime adaptation before going through the game.

      Make sure to use the bonus points to pump up attack power like no one’s business and you’ll do fine.

  • Wow, that’s right on the money IMO. (I’m a female erogamer, and Liar-Soft and Nitroplus are my favorite brands. Along with Propeller, who also gets mentioned over at the site. Although I do also play BL games. :P). I’m definitely going to start using this site to decide what game to tackle next. Thanks for sharing!

  • Ah, Saya No Uta… A definite recommendation for anyone who wants a different kind of story. A translation group is (slowly) making a translation, even if it’s on text only atm (I think).