Little Busters! Ecstasy – Ero-Analysis

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    Comment by Katt
    00:47 27/02/2009 # ! Neutral (0)

    LoL fgsy03c.jpg fgsy03d.jpg
    chikan: *raises skirt*
    chikan: *glares at loaded handgun*
    chikan: "oops, wrong person, have a nice day~" *runs*
    Saya: "...."

    Comment by meganeshounen
    18:18 26/07/2008 # ! Neutral (0)

    Well, some people might think that since KyoAni has animated most of Key's repertoire of games... they might just go the distance and do it?

    If that's so... Tomoyo After please? :D
    (No, the Tomoyo-hen special episode wasn't enough, and it made me crave more, actually. ^_^)

    Comment by Anon The Czar

    Freakin' Loli's. Always ruining my arousal. At least Freud isn't turning in his grave about ME.
    And Massive EroGame elements - in MY Key game? What posessed them to go back down to the lowest common denominator after Clannad(Already aware of Tomoyo After)? Uguu~, I say. Uguu~.

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