Relief After 23 Years For Girl With No Anus


A young lady of 23, born with no anus, has finally undergone surgery to correct the life threatening problem; in the course of the surgery 8 kilos of faecal material were removed from her bowels, quite astonishing considering her weight (whether before or after is not specified) is given as only 35kg, coupled with a diminutive stature of only 140cm.

She had apparently begun to take ill recently, with a loss of weight coupled with a grotesquely bulging stomach, due naturally to the build up. It is said that the location of her bowels was visible through the taught skin of her belly (in this case we can perhaps be glad there are no photos).

The problem was apparently evident to her parents at birth, but they didn’t know what to do about, and so left it to see what would happen.

As it turned out, she did have a small opening in the vicinity of her genitals, from which emanated a faecal paste, with this apparently enough to ensure her survival for so long.

The village clinic did diagnose her with a congenital disorder when she was 9, but didn’t do anything about it either, and so she was left to struggle with her unpleasant condition.

Throughout the period of her illness, she could not take normal foodstuffs, instead being able to eat only gruel.

The urgently required surgery involved removing the accumulated material, with the amount being compared to that of a pig rather than a human, at five or six times the norm, with a follow up operation planned to fit her with an artificial anus.

The girl is said to be extremely happy at the relief from her long torments, and able to enjoy a normal diet again.

Chinese source, via the great Heaven.

Whilst I would never suggest that these sort of events have anything to do with the nation in question, rather being a simple consequence of probability accumulating across a huge nation with poor health care, it nevertheless seems that China takes the lead in East Asian Forteana from the previous champion, which I suppose would have to be Japan, as the bizarre stories we have been hearing lately rather impressively demonstrate.


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