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Final Fantasy XIII PC Edition Confirmed?


Final Fantasy XIII to get a PC version? Yes, according to no less a source than Nvidia itself, unless this is some sort of misunderstanding; see below for their words.

About as strange as the new Street Fighter title getting a PC version, or for that matter the Xbox 360 version of FFXIII, so I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised. Apparently has to do with their having switched over to a set of PC development tools, which likely makes the game nearly PC native…

Of course it remains to be seen how this will pan out, as the PC ports by Japanese developers generally have not been of outstanding quality.

Quoth the site:

Square Enix has gone PC. On the first day of the show, the Japanese game publisher announced that Final Fantasy XIII is coming to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 (in Europe and North America only) and PC. During a press conference following the Microsoft event, Final Fantasy XIII Producer Yoshinori Kitase discussed the new development strategy that Square Enix has taken with its upcoming games.

Aside from the new The Last Remnant game, which is being created for Xbox 360 and PS3 using Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 3 externally, all new internally-developed games from Square Enix, including Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XIII Versus, and an untitled new massively multiplayer online game, utilize the new PC-based Crystal Tools development environment. These tools allow development teams to create cross-platform games.

“The content will be the same on all platforms,” said Kitase. “However, we have yet to determine how many discs will be required for the 360 version. We’ll have to consider the differences between formats. Currently the game is being built on PC, where it’s actually functional. We’re still focusing on making it work on PS3, so it’s difficult to know how long the process of taking it to 360 will take.”

Thanks to the new PC development platform, Kitase added, “Now that we’re developing on a PC base, the pace is going a bit faster,” Kitase said. “We haven’t introduced new footage of the game, but we should be able to show something new in the near future.”

Square Enix showed the beautiful pre-rendered trailer for Final Fantasy XIII at the end of the Microsoft press conference. The publisher has a big event scheduled for Tokyo next month where the first new information will be revealed on all Final Fantasy titles. Previously, the publisher released its online game, Final Fantasy XII, on Xbox 360 and PC.

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  • A PC version would be rather nice, since currently I own neither a 360 or a PS3. And my TV is 720p only, while I have a 1680×1050 screen on my PC.

    That being said, I tried The Last Remnant’s demo that got released on Steam. Somehow it seemed bland (graphics-wise) and clunky (controls etc), which was sort of a downer, not too enthusiastic about it any more. Hope XIII manages to impress.

  • Its not so much fanboyisim that drive exclusivity, its the relationship between devs and console makers. At one time it was important to have a good relationship with a dev now adays devs can not afford the overhead to ignore porting a title to a different system.
    /Incoherent Intellectual

    Only if a dev gets kicks back will a tile remain on a single system, that or the dev is broke.

    I hope it gets ported to PC and I hope they do not sht on the PC features and options like most ported down games….

  • Wow, this sounds like more backstabbin for Sony, though I’m really excited for it, besides of surprised, as they say that it works on PC and are trying to make it work at PS3. That was a total “what the..” as on all trailers there was the for PS3 thingy at the end which indicates it focus. Is this is true, it will be a totally new Square platform and business model with its emblem FF.

    I hope you keep us updated if something new comes out. kthnx ;).

    • Well, that was a different time and the PlayStation versions weren’t much more impressive sound-wise. And to be fair, FF7 PC came with a software synth to allow sound fonts and thus the Sephiroth chorus. Fearing that a modern game coming out on platforms that more likely than not will use something similar to mp3 for music will have midi sound on PC sounds a little, well, backward. It has been some ten years, you know…

  • AnimeRookie says:

    To the deepest depths of Tartarus to all who support exclusive titles & fanboys most of all… XD. Those people are too narrowminded & too fixated on their brand so much that they think of nothing else. I once was a fanboy & not very proud of that.

    Im very pleased with Square Enix’ decision to make a game that can be played on all existing game platforms. Also, i hope the small PC gaming community in Japan is celebrating this news. This also is good from a marketing & competitive standpoint.

    No offense, but the current game consoles are powerful in their own right… its just that their life cycle is too short & there are some game titles that are exclusive to a certain console. There were a lot of good consoles made, sure, but they didnt last for very long (1 exception is the Super NES, coz that for me, is the best there is, & will be.)

    Thats why i switched to PC in the first place, because PC’s have an untapped potential to be a good gaming platform in its own right, plus that PC hardware is in constant evolution. The PC as a gaming platform has its own set of problems as well. IF the PC is going to be accepted as a viable gaming platform, some enormous changes must take place for it to be as capable as a console on its own (Copyrights & DRM management, modified content creation & hardware support are several of those problems faced by many PC gamers.)

    I’ve learned to live with the problems & its also fun for me to test its limits, too. The hardware can be costly & troubleshooting can be hell, but its awesome to learn all of the nuts & bolts of the PC, and lastly, i can get payed for fixing & doing modifications of its hardware. Creating new content for PC is possible, if you know a little bit of coding… which can extend the life of a game (CounterStrike for Half-Life is the best example of this).

    So sorry for the long rant, but i felt the need to say it. My intention is not to start a flame war, but start something of a discussion which I and my fellow PC gaming friends have been talking about since these last few years.

    • console games are the lifeblood of many game developers (at least they used to be to my knowledge). Even if console game fanboy/fangirl-ism is eradicated (still a good thing) through the dominance of PC gaming then the gaming industry as a whole will most likely take a huge hit. And you can’t exactly have a party game at home if everyone is crowding around your computer screen so you would need to get an adapter and confuse tech-challenged folks with trying to connect their PCs to their HDTVs. And while, currently, the competition between the console systems is not producing any worthwhile exclusives (yes, I hate FPS games), competition spurs developers to not half-ass all the stuff they churn out (recently, the result of it has been very pretty shit, but shit nonetheless).

      tl;dr : Though the fans are annoying as fuck, console systems are still important to gaming.

      • If you have an hdtv you don’t have to have an adapter. All you have to have is an hdmi to hdmi cord or dvi to hdmi cord depending on your video card. It is plug and play and you don’t have to do anything but plug it in and switch the a/v on the tv over to the input. (just like with a dvd player and as easy as plugging a dvd player into your tv)

    • I have to say I’d be inclined to agree with you on the direction of PC gaming (I’ve long been an avid PC gamer), though the limited penetration of the PC as a gaming platform in the Japanese market probably means we can forget about seeing any of the big name anime styled games on PC any time soon; unfortunate.

      • PCs are the main platforms for galgames though and a lot of Japanese gamers play MMORPGs on their PCs. Much of current Japanese tech society revolves around their computers/cell phones/internet access in general. I honestly don’t know why other PC games aren’t as popular though.

  • You know, with all of this, you wonder if Versus XIII is gonna be exclusive still. Granted, I’m a 360 owner so if was ported that would make me happy but since Versus looks the more interest of the Fabula Nova games, I may have to shell out anyway.

    • FF13 Versus will most likely not be ported to the 360 because it will simply cost too much to develop another multiplatform game like FF13. for some reason they put Versus as the picture for 13 though so it piqued my interest for a moment. The possibility is still open though but it matters not for me since I have my ps3 😀