3 Idol Master Titles for PSP


The PSP is set to receive no less than three Idol Master titles (for real this time), set for release this winter. It may be more accurate to say three versions of the same titles, for “Idol Master SP”, as it will be known, will have versions subtitled “Perfect Sun”, “Wandering Star” and “Missing Moon”.


And the differences between the titles? You may well groan to hear that each will have but three characters of nine in total, so if you are unlikely enough to have your favourites span multiple titles you will have the pleasure of owning multiple titles. Miki has been given the chop for now; there is some speculation she may feature later as DLC…


There are some new gameplay elements promised, such as dealing with reporters, stylists, etc, a revised schedule system, presents from fans and the like. In other respects it will be similar to the existing version; they are understandably not keen to trumpet any sacrifices they have made for the platform.

Yet still no PS3 release?

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