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Wife Axe Murders Husband Over Snoring


Having endured twelve years of snoring from her husband, a long suffering wife took it upon herself to put a stop to her sleepless nights by application of an axe; the man did not survive.

Police responded to a report of the incident to find a blood soaked corpse and the collapsed wife being attended to by area residents; she had taken poison, but evidently made a painful choice of substance as her cries of pain drew the attention of neighbours, who came to render aid and alerted the authorities.

She was then hospitalised, and arrested for murder; she complained of sleep deprivation. Of course, it may be that there were other contributory reasons than mere sleep deprivation. Her condition is said to be stable.

A variety of possible measures spring readily to mind short of axe murder… perhaps there was indeed some kind of abusive side to the relationship? Via Heaven.


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