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Bear Beaten Off by 12-Year-Old Girl


A 12-year-old girl camping in the Hokkaido countryside got a rude awakening when a bear attacked her tent, though she soon beat it off and put it to flight with a good kick.

She apparently mistook the bear pressing against the side of the tent for a prank by her younger sister, and so determined to resolve the issue with a good kick, after trying to push the offending bear away through the tent. The bear took fright and promptly fled into the bushes.

No humans were injured in the incident, though the tent suffered much damage, and we do not hear what became of the budding pedobear.

The bear apparently pursued some deer into the camp site, but evidently got distracted by the scent of delicious cake emanating from the tents, and decided to investigate that instead.

There were some fifty people on the campsite, and dozens of tents, with there being a number of witnesses to the bear beating; the bear itself appeared to be young, at only 70kg. Such a young and naïve bear may not have know to be frightened of humans, and therefore posed quite a threat, it is said. Now it knows better.

Via Asahi.

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