Idol Master DS


Nintendo DS to receive Idol Master port? And as with every other game on the DS, it is set to involve gratuitous stylus fondling? Behold a gameplay video.

Just some Nico wishful thinking? But still, an idea like this may have its day soon enough, though I’m not sure whether this is more or less likely than a PS3 version. Probably more likely.

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    • It is indeed Rie Kugiyama, but she’s saying “hentai! dohentai! derhentai!”, something to the effect of “pervert, super pervert, der pervert”; The “der” is German for “that”, I think she just said it to sound German, not to make sense. ^^

      • ‘der’ in German is the definite masculine article as well.

        Note that, as a figure of speech, using a definite article (‘der’, as opposed to ‘ein’) could technically mean “the pervert of perverts”. The pervert, as opposed to a pervert.

        It still sounds odd, but it at least makes sense in the ‘pervert, super pervert, THE pervert’ order.