Monster Parents Switch Kids to Bikinis Over Lolicon?

Ichigo Marshmallow/Strawberry Marshmallow – wallpaper style images derived from Barasui’s moeful magnum opus. Miu Matsuoka, Nobue Ito, Chika Ito, Ana Coppola, Matsuri Sakuragi, John, etc. 苺ましまろの少女達画像:伊藤伸恵、伊藤千佳、松岡美羽、桜木茉莉、アナ・コッポラ、ジョン等

Lolicon are said to be rejoicing over the fact that in one school, parents were so outraged at the immodesty of traditional Japanese school swimwear, that they banded together to force the school to abolish school swimwear entirely, instead opting to allow the children free choice, with the predictable result of the children opting for a variety of the most colourful, fashionable and/or stylish swimwear available.

The setting was apparently an elementary school where parents had begun to worry over suspicious activities around the school, a worry which it must be admitted is not necessarily baseless in some parts of Japan, and their concerns crystallised on the “indecent” swimwear sported by the school girls, which was held to exciting to the tastes of adults.

A group of twenty such worried parents then proceeded to voice their concerns, demanding either less exposing swimwear, or, since after all it would seem to be unnecessary and a grave danger, an abolition of swimming classes entirely. Three quarters of the group were said to be anti-swimming, but easily dealt with, whilst a hard core of the remaining quarter persisted in asserting the indecency of the common sukumizu.

Nothing would sway them; in the end, it is said but three choices remained:

a) Make the pool used an indoor one.

b) Make choice of swimwear an individual choice.

c) Castrate all men in the vicinity.

A compromise was reached with option b. It was predicted that elementary school children after all would not opt for anything attention grabbing. It was recommended to the children that they choose the school swimwear in their “free” choice.

Result? All the girls chose the flashiest and most eye-catching swimwear they could, and their colourful frolicking in the outdoor pool was made several times more conspicuous.

Sadly, there are no pictures by which we may verify the unstimulating nature of the new swimsuits.

I’m not sure the plan can be said to have backfired, as amongst the male population of Japan there is a substantial contingent who find the prospect of the most modest navy blue one piece vastly more alluring than the most stylish or revealing of such garments.

This is part of a much fretted over perceived trend of “monster parents” making excessive and unreasonable demands of schools in Japan, a development which some have gone so far as to brand “American” and “Communistic”. The case in point is the now famous school rendition of the twenty five Snow Whites and the no dwarves.

Source. For reference you may wish to familiarise yourself with the state of Japanese school swimwear in this fine gallery thereof.


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