Pup Stamper Busted – Scared of Chihuahua


A man (44) who took fright at the terrifying sight of a Chihuahua being taken on a walk, and then proceeded to kick the 4-month-old little dog to death, has been arrested for destruction of property.

He apparently struck out at the dog as he passed it, kicking the creature as hard as he could, then made to walk off as if nothing had happened; presumably the owner was not there to protest, but a witness did see him, and apprehended him, taking him to the police station. The dog was rushed to vetinary hospital, but soon died to ruptured internal organs.

His motivation for this wanton animal cruelty, to say nothing of the destruction of a very expensive animal?

“The dog scared me”.

Overtones of the kitten mulching queen herself. Via Yomiuri.

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