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Seiyuu Healing

Seiyuu Healing - 応援します

Listen to the beautiful and immaculately trained voices of a variety of seiyuu in various characters, each offering “healing” (scolding, rebuking and reprimanding are more appropriate in some cases, however) words to the listener: such is the free service on offer at (応援します – ouen shimasu! – I’ll back you up!).

Something for everyone: dojikko Moe (clumsy artless girl), tsun Kaori (o-hohoho), dere Kaori, active tomboy cheerleader Yuzu, otaku bookworm Mayu, and finally, unnaturally kind and supportive teacher Madoka. Each has 25 sentences covering a variety of ground, all downloadable as small mp3 files.

A nice effort, though with an all star cast it could have turned heads; we can but hope for this to catch on.

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