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Kitten Stamper Hunted


In a shocking act of wanton cruelty, a lady exhibiting considerable sadism has distributed videos of herself viciously torturing and then rather thoroughly killing an unfortunate kitten, stamping it into a bloody pulp, with eyes popping forth, in a disturbing re-enactment of similar acts of brazen cruelty a few years ago.


The lady, well dressed and looking to be about 25, utilising her stiletto heels for maximum lethal effectiveness, first torments the young cat, then chokes the life out of it by treading on its throat; after this, she slowly stamps on the (hopefully) dead creature’s head, with such force that an eye is expelled from the broken cranium, after which she continues to stamp the cadaver to pulp, eviscerating it with scissors.

Mockingly, the last sight is of what looks to be an eye she treads on affixed to her sole.

Since the cat killing lady seems to revel in the revulsion she evokes, she has taken pains to let all see her face; this is at least helpful in ensuring her eventual apprehension, perhaps.

Chinese net users are orchestrating an all out hunt for the perpetrator, though it seems to be devolving into chaotic vigilantism, with the phone numbers of unconnected parties being posted to the boards.

It is also not clear just what they intend after ascertaining her identity, as China hardly seems a place where animal cruelty is pursued with quite the same level of frenzy as elsewhere.

The Chinese source of the images, with the story coming by way of that great repository of Forteana, Heaven.

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