Idols on Sale – $100 a Kiss


Idols, particularly those of an aspiring or hard up bent, are not exactly known for their reticence in ensuring their paying customers get due incentive to keep paying; so it is with little surprise that we read of idols virtually prostituting themselves for a song…

The case in question is that of 25-year-old seasoned lady idol 音蘭 / Inran (this is in fact a tastelessly appropriate pun on the word for “lasciviousness”), who in her latest event, in support of her new DVD release, offers extras for those purchasing several copies – three is the magic number here (coming to ¥11,970), allowing the lucky patron to receive a kiss, though only on the cheek. We do not hear what she will do if you buy a box of her DVDs.


Apparently in the world of struggling idols this sort of borderline behaviour is not uncommon; we hear of aspirants desperate to break in enduring all manner of hardships in order to build a fan base, and there are of course certain infamous characters to whom the law is no obstacle in their pursuit of fame. Perhaps we should also wonder about what it is we don’t hear about?


If you are actually inclined to patronise these kinds of events, you will be pleased to know that there is still time to register – the event takes place at an Akiba Sofmap on the 26th of July. Tickets are distributed on the 18th, so do hurry. No tripods or video cameras.

At ¥11,000 for a kiss she is not quite comparable to the personal healthcare professionals one can retain for a 90 minute stretch for similar amounts (or so their leaflets routinely stuffed into my mailbox proclaim), but should she age a few years more I would expect a precipitous drop in her prices, and perhaps an expansion of her repertoire. Such is the fate of fallen idols.

Gratuitous idol pictures from an earlier gallery.



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