Hatsune Konata Madness

Hatsune Konata

I’m a little unsure of how to describe this interesting musical and visual meme currently spreading around NicoNico: I shall have to let the videos speak for themselves, I think. Many characters are represented, but I think the pinnacle is this Konata styled puchi Miku. On to the videos:


The original version; Nico.

This may be an opportune moment to dig out this image:

Lucky Star's Izumi Konata in Hatusne Miku Cosplay mode らき☆すた - 泉 こなた 初音ミク コスプレ Version

These videos are called アッーウッウッイネイネ (you’ll excuse if I refrain from transliterating that). There’s many more:

Earlier Ren version.


Gin of Rozen Maiden.


I think that will be enough – you can always find more on Nico or YouTube.


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