Girl Stripped and Burned in Park Torture Outrage


A 16-year-old girl was accosted in a park by a gang of young men and women, who proceeded to tear her clothes from her, beat her, and then sadistically torture her, burning her with a lighter; naturally they filmed the entire scene, and then uploaded the video to the Internet.

Throughout, her cries for help went ignored, and the ordeal seem only to have ended with appearance of the authorities, at which point the group flees and the recording ends; it soon found its way online, however. This hot on the heels of the previous infamous torture video incident.

All this occurred in May, and Chinese police since formed a special investigatory team, acting on reports of the video, and arrested five male torturers.

Their ages ranged from 15 to 17, and on questioning they gave some interesting justifications for their crimes: “We didn’t really think we were committing a crime. We just spend all day and every day lazing around, and doing this sort of thing” we hear from one dissolute youth. We do not hear of any other arrests.

Whilst they may have had some success apprehending those responsible, they were powerless to stop the spread of the video online.

The girl apparently is undergoing counselling, and has withdrawn from school, instead receiving tutelage at home.

At least in this instance the unfortunate young lady escaped outright outrage, if only barely. Scant consolation, given what she did endure, perhaps.

The Chinese report, via Heaven.

You will not be alone in noticing a disturbing parallel between this story, and the earlier sordid tale of torturous abuse and humiliation, which also resulted in an uploaded video.

They are chronologically separate, so there is no question of connection, and it might perhaps be unfair to leap to castigate China as being a barbarous place, given that we should logically expect a fifth of the world’s depravity from a nation with a fifth of the world’s population. Even so, plainly some aspects of China are less than savoury…


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