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Anime Industry Shoots Bones in Back


All the indications are that the leaked Bones animator list was at some point a company document after all: anime industry group “The Association of Japanese Animations”, as well as several other industry groups, have issued statements deploring the uploading of a file containing the personal details of animators and vowing to tighten handling of this sort of data to ensure no repeat.

Every company in the industry must make more strident efforts to administer employee information, they say, in what sounds like a slight to the errant Bones.

This forms an indirect admission of the genuineness of the file contents (at no point do they say the data was fake or inaccurate); the incendiary comments field may yet be a fake addition, but the details themselves must have sprung from company held data at some point, and this also seems to suggest the details of upcoming titles contained in the file (notably Full Metal Alchemist and Darker Than Black) may be more credible than previously thought.

So there you have it; all that remains is for the source of the comments to be revealed. Am I alone in detecting a note of scolding reprimand in the AJA’s statement?

Via AnimeAnime.

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