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That Sinking Feeling…


Onlookers looked on, raising not so much as finger, at the spectacle of a lady slowly sinking into a deep pit of faeces, even as she screamed for assistance; the unfortunate lady was walking past an uncovered pit of nightsoil, when she slipped and fell in, and was unable to get back out, nearly drowning in her ordeal.

She was eventually rescued from her predicament by the fire brigade, in the nick of time, as her cries had subsided and she had sunk in the noxious sludge up to her head. The pit itself had an opening only a metre in diameter, but was evidently perilously deep.

The bystanders who watched the entire scene from start to finish were apparently greatly amused.

At least she didn’t drown (or suffocate?).

Anyone familiar with the case of Kitty Genovese, and a thousand others, probably will not be surprised by this sort of thing (although we might also unkindly attribute this to it being China), especially in a case involving bad smells rather than the mere possibility of being covered in blood, but in this case matters take a more lurid note. On another note, what a delightful city Beijing is to have such open holes filled with filth…

Chinese source, via Heaven.


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  • I cant resist but to comment this old post.

    I wouldnt help her. I dont see the need to help people, who become trapped in perilous situations out of they’re own stupidity or/and lack of attention to obvious things. And I too, would not want anyone helping me if I was awkward enough to fall there.

  • I doubt I oculd stop myself from taking a moment to take in the situation, after all it’s not every day I see a woman drowning in a giant shit bucket, but I think I’d be rather quick to help..

  • Couldn’t resist that last paragraph, could you? Japan is infected with a poison of despising China, as China is infected with a poison of loathing Japan. No good can come of this. Ah well, at least you didn’t mention China until the last paragraph. By the way, the Chinese source has a photo. And for what it’s worth, the place this happened is 50 miles from downtown Beijing.

    • They’ve loathed each other for millenia, there’s nothing new there. And I opt to take a balanced view towards China, which means being scathing at times.

      I saw the photo, but you’ll have to excuse leaving it out – I did not think it overly savoury, and it had about the same level of quality as a Famitsu screen. And was that really a women?

      And apologies also for geographical inprecision, but to be fair the same standards of imprecision are also applied to Japan – thankfully nobody seems to take issue with my occasionally liberal definition of Tokyo.

      • Just saw your reply. Thanks for that. I know it’s been the same for over 100 years, but with the world now so small and both sides having nuclear weapons (or the capacity to make them quickly) this is now more dangerous then ever. Now I’ll get off my hobby horse.