Idolmaster World Service


Non-Japanese speaking Idolmaster fans may be interested to see this English language (or at least Engrish) Idolmaster site “The Idolmaster MAD World Service”, billing itself as “The Gentleman’s Guide to the Idolmaster”. They serve up regular introductions to the latest MADs doing the rounds on NicoNico Douga, and have plenty of supplementary information and guides, which should be decipherable.

Probably most notably, and usefully (not to mention vexingly, for those of us with incompatible hosts), they have embedded Nico videos, so you can enjoy the latest without having to visit Nico itself, or make an account.

As they’re not a commercial site, I’ll go easy on their English; suffice to say you’ll probably want to concentrate on their fine video selection.

On the subject of their Nico videos, I am most curious to know how such a confessedly small host managed to wrangle access to NicoNico’s embedding functionality, and not just a little envious.

For reasons which are absolutely inscrutable, Nico only rolled out its embedding support to a few of the largest Japanese blogging services, leaving everyone else in the lurch, or at least reduced to ripping the videos off Nico and putting them on YouTube. It doesn’t seem a sound decision, whatever their reasoning.

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